June 20, 2018

About Us

Our story began in the fall of 2008 at a birthday party.  Two moms watched as their kids enjoyed their “best day ever” and began dreaming of a children’s museum for our community.  Within months, these brilliant women had cultivated a group of community leaders and volunteers who were passionate about making our community a place where kids and families thrive.

From a “museum without walls” to a storefront destination at First & Main, the Children’s Museum of Blacksburg has evolved and grown.  For some families, our museum is their village; its where they have found community and a sense of belonging.  For others, CMB serves as a resource for learning and discovery for parents and caregivers.  And for each child that walks through our doors, we invite them to get messy, have fun, try new things, and take safe risks!  We invite them to experience the power of play — to think creatively, solve problems, work collaboratively, and communicate in ways that breaks down social barriers and builds better relationships.  We invite them on a journey to become whoever they want to be, because we believe in the power of play to transform, inspire, and educate.

In 2017, CMB began envisioning a future that ensured all kids had access to a resource-rich play space.  We began asking questions and thinking about the possibilities of playful learning and the ways in which play may serve as a catalyst for change and growth — for kids and families, our schools and communities, and the economic development of our region.  We collected data that began to tell a story; we began writing the next chapter of our story.

In April 2018, CMB announced our plans to relocate to the New River Valley Mall, expanding to a larger footprint that was more central to families throughout our region.  A few months later, we revealed our new name and brand, Wonder Universe:  A Children’s Museum.

The story of Wonder Universe is just beginning.  Will you join us for the journey?