The Meadow

Designed with our youngest guests in mind, the meadow provides an engaging and safe play space for children ages 0-3 and their caregivers.  Explore climbing structures and ride-ons for gross motor skills, as well as supportive manipulatives to aid young children through their developmental growth.

Farm to Table

Building on our region’s rich agricultural heritage, our Farm to Table exhibit allows guests to plant, harvest, and buy/sell produce, or prepare a fresh meal in the farm kitchen.  With a focus on the origins of our food and the exploration of health, fresh food choices.

Woodland Wonder

Woodland Wonder is a unique sensory space. A therapeutic environment providing opportunities for developing and practicing prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies as well as promoting self-care, resilience, and recovery following high-stress situations due to over stimulation. The space aims to support the development of key life skills including gross and fine motor skills, communication skills and verbal development, recognition and regulation of emotions, and will foster a sense of safety and belonging for guests with special needs and their families.

Sponsored by: Community Foundation of the NRV, Lions Club of Blacksburg, and Rotary Clubs of Christiansburg-Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Radford Noon, Christiansburg, and the regional district.

air ways sketch

Amazing Air Play!

Come play with airways!  See how things move through tubes!

Sponsored by: New River Pediatrics

Motor Mile Raceway

Build you own race car and race against your friend. Learn about force, velocity, and speed with our aircar racetrack!

Sponsored by: Shelor

Build It Toolbox

Build a house, a skyscraper, or whatever your imagination can dream of using real tools! Practice connecting pipes in wall, laying a roof or a floor.  Our Build It Toolbox is perfect for beginning engineers, architects, and construction workers!

Sponsored by: Stateson Homes

Energy in Motion 

Using a custom-made ball sculpture, kids and adults can learn the process of photosynthesis.

Dentist Office

Walk through your very first dentist visit to the day you get your braces off! Learn about oral health and have fun, too!

Sponsored by Real Life Dental and Smiles

Veterinarian Clinic

Choose an animal to care for, whether a dog, a cat, or a snake. Give them a bath, feed them food, check their vitals, and give them an exam.

Sponsored by: Town and Country Veterinary Clinic and 24 Hour Emergency Hospital

Global Express Train

Travel the world with on this international train! A custom made train table that visits global locations peaking the little one’s understanding of culture, animals, and architecture around the world.

Sponsored by: Krisha Chachra, Derek & Mina Klinedinst and Up on the Roof

Other Exhibits Coming:

A Fire Station 

Children and adults can don fireman jackets and helmets, hose out a fire, and climb aboard our vintage fire truck.  

Spark Space

Be creative in the Spark Space with art and maker tools and resources.

Imagination Playground

Our loved blue blocks are back! Our Imagination Playground ® blocks are the cornerstone of open-ended play at the museum where kids can design, stack, connect and invent a world of possibilities. These lightweight yet durable cubes, bricks, cogs and curves are sure to delight your little one as they construct their very own playthings. There’s no wrong way to play with the Blue Blocks!