Wonder Universe is located inside the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg, VA. The easiest way to find us is by using the New River Community College entrance at the back of the mall. The museum is on your left as you walk in – turn left at the first corner to get to our entrance.


  • Tuesday – Saturday: 9:30-6 p
  • Sunday: 12-6 p
  • Monday: Closed

Admission Cost:

  • Adults: $8
  • Children Over 1 Year Old: $8
  • Children Under 1: FREE
  • SNAP/EBT & WIC Recipients: Adults $3, all Children Free
  • ACM Reciprocal Members: 50% off admission for up to 6 people ($4 each)

Special Considerations

Infant Care Room: Please feel free to use our infant care room for small children that need to nurse or have a quiet space for bottle feeding. This room is located next to the restrooms.

Sponsored by: Katie Edson, MD. Edson Family Practice.

Kids with Special Needs: We are an inclusive facility. Please let know us if we can assist you. Our Woodland Wonder sensory space is is a great place for children that need to rest or de-escalate. Noise cancelling headsets are available.