Our mission: Beyond our four walls

Hello Friends,

Welcome to our blog!  I’ve wanted to begin this blog for almost two years and now it’s time to take the leap.  This blog is an important tool as we refine and refocus our mission.  Playful learning isn’t limited to the walls of our museum and our desire to equip and empower caregivers is essential to supporting families as they strive for more engaged, meaningful interactions.  We hope this blog becomes a valuable tool for you and your family.  We hope you find encouragement, information, and resources here that help you thrive as a caregiver and encourage the curious learners in your care to reach their full potential.

Stay tuned to learn more from our team, educators in our community, experts on play and early childhood development, and everything in between.  Let’s jump in together and explore the power of play!


Sarah Hanks

Executive Director