September 8, 2019

In-Kind Donations

Wonder Universe welcomes the donation of in-kind materials to help with our day-to-day operations, the creative re-use center, as well as special events. We welcome in-kind donation drives by organizations and individuals. We also accept in-kind donations of time, such as volunteers to help staff the museum and individuals with special talents, such as musicians hosting a special event or artists teaching a workshop. Please contact to make an in-kind donation.

Donation items

In-kind donations, we are currently looking for:

  • Like new tools (Drills, Hammers, table saw, etc.)
  • Art supplies (cardstock, paint, brushes, embezzlements, glue, construction paper, etc.)
  • Office supplies (white printer paper, envelopes, files, stamps, tape, sharpies, etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies (hand sanitizer, paper towels, dish soap, hand soap, food handling gloves, laundry detergent, Seventh Generation disinfectant spray , micro-fiber cloth, Purell Food Service Surface, Sanitizer, fine mist spray bottles, clorox wipes, toilet paper, etc)
  • Batteries
  • Musical Instruments
  • 3D printer and filament
  • Computer (wiped clean and newer than 5 years old)
  • High quality printer
  • Recycled goods for the Creative RE-use Center
  • Cricut/ Silhouette Cutter
  • Vinyl rolls
  • Party supplies (cups, plates, plastic silverware, etc.)
  • Fireproof safe
  • Ipads (2nd Generation or above)
  • Items for fundraising auction
  • Science lab kits/parts